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Halloween - Sex & the City Style

Continuing with costume ideas, grab your girlfriends and go as the ladies from Sex & the City. Channel your fashionista and dress over the top like Carrie. Or find that perfect power suit to go as Miranda. Feeling more preppy and conservative? Channel your inner Charlotte. Really want to spice things up? Samantha’s your gal. I think it’s safe to say we all relate to each of the characters at some point in our lives and feel a certain kinship with them. That’s what made the show a can’t miss each Sunday night (and gave us something to look forward to). We could see ourselves in the same situations. We’ve all been there, done that before.

One of my favorite episodes is when they go to the Yankees game. They’re clearly not dressed for for, but that's what makes it so great. A few of my favorite bloggers recreated some looks from SATC a few weeks back that are also some great inspiration. You can see Krystal, Helena, Karen, and Sai rock some fabulous Carolina Herrera dresses on the streets of NYC. They also recreated the baseball scene here.