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Tell me about it, Stud. A Grease Costume.

Olivia Newton-John. John Travolta. The Pink Ladies. Did you know The Movie Grease was the biggest Movie Musical of the 20th century? It’s become so popular over the years that high schools across the country often have it as one of their productions and a few years back it was a live Television event for one night only, with a star studded cast that included Vanessa Hudgens, Julian Hough, and Jordan Fisher.

The shows costuming provides ample inspiration for a variety of Halloween costumes, but the most iconic choice would be the closing scene of the movie when Sandy reveals her “new” look. This costume is quite easy to pull together as I’m sure you have some, if not all, of the components in your closet. Here’s what you need to pull it off.

  1. Black Leather jacket. Doesn’t everyone have some kind of black leather, fitted jacket these days?

  2. Leather Leggings. If you don’t have these, you can find faux ones just about anywhere these days for under $30 or go with my favorites (and a bit pricier) by Spanx that will get more wear than you expected!.

  3. Fitted black top. It doesn’t need to be cropped. Just make sure it’s fitted and low cut if it’s not.

  4. Heels. Any color will do and they don’t need to be sky high.

  5. Big, Curly hair. If you don’t have blonde hair, wigs are easy to come by. Otherwise put those hot rollers in and then tease the crap out of it.

    Just like that, you’re Sandy from Grease.