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Monday Muse: Catherine of The Life Styled

It’s Monday! Time for another Monday Muse. This week its Catherine of The life Styled. I’ve followed Catherine for years and have loved watching her career and style evolution. Catherine has the ability to make anything she puts on look edgier, cooler, and quite frankly, effortlessly fantastic. Whether it’s a boho girly dress she’s toughened up with boots or leather to a sequin blazer with a rocker tee and jeans to a bright yellow jumpsuit with gold sneakers. She knows how to dress for who she is, and better yet, can help you do the same.

This past year she revamped her business model and has started of focus on personal styling! She launched Fashion Feng Shui and uses that along with a few other tactics to get to the root of who you are and what you style is. I love that she understands you never fit into one box when it comes to style. It can all depend on what’s going on in your life, you career, personal life, family, etc. And she embraces this and helps you understand how to make it all work for you. It doesn’t always mean a full closet overhaul - sometimes you just need the guidance of someone who really knows what they are doing and is able to sift through all the noise. It can get overwhelming with all the options out there. Catherine can help you be true to you and still look great doing it! So check out her website or get inspiration from her instagram. You won’t regret it.