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Back to school vibes

It's the first day of school and that means my feed will be filled with first day of school pictures.  As I scroll past these, it makes me crave those first day of school vibes. I lived for the first day of school. Not necessarily for actually going to school, but because it meant I could break out all my new fall school clothes.  It didn't matter if it was too hot to wear them, I did it anyway.  I mean, fall is the BEST season for clothes. I want all the cozy knits, chunky scarves, and warm coats. Throw in a good boot here and there and I'm all set.

I've started putting together my wish list of things I'm coveting (read not buying, as I've put myself on a strict budget these past two years as I have too many clothes to begin with).  I'll be sharing them throughout my 30 day creative challenge.  First up is this Toga Pulla coat.  When I saw this on Blair, my heart skipped a beat.  Is it wrong that I love clothes so much? It really is another form of art for me. Seriously. I had to learn more about this new to me brand.  It's a Japanese brand started by a former costume designer/stylist back in 1997.  The line puts together elements of western wear, vintage, and modern, sleek shapes. I'm obsessed. I'm also really loving their shoe line. 


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