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Clog Girl + No. 6 Clogs

I love me a good clog.  Always have. True story - in college I had navy and black suede clogs and wore them All. The. Time.  I was running late for class one day and left the apartment with one of each on!  I didn't realize until an hour later, the horror.  I frantically found a phone (we didn't have cell phones back then) and called my girlfriend, pleading her to bring me the other one to match. Thankfully she did and all was made right in the world.  We still laugh about the incident - mostly because while we were on the phone we were arguing over which one I needed because she couldn't find both of them,  when it really didn't matter - i just needed one to complete the pair. 

Then, when I was backpacking through Europe after college, I bought myself a pair of Swedish white leather clogs to wear and they were the BEST. Come to think of it, I don't know if they ever made it back stateside.  Hmmm. I'm pretty sure I had clogs as far back as grade school, but I'll have to confirm that one with my mom. HA!

Which brings me to these babies below.  I'm obsessed with these No. 6 Clogs. I already own one pair from them, and am currently debating pulling the trigger on these. What do you think? Do I need them in my closet?