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Monday Muse: Anne Sage


It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a new Monday Muse. Life got busy. In the best possible way with some fun new projects. We’re back at it today and I’m so excited to share with you Anne Sage. I’ve followed Anne for almost 10 years! It’s hard to believe that much time has passed. She was an original Muse Monday for me way back when I was making cards and actually blogging on the regular. You can see that post here. A lot has changed since then. Anne has moved from San Francisco to LA. She’s written a book, opened a creative space, continues to provide styling and art direction, and has recently moved into doing interior design. With all the hats Anne wears, it’s a wonder how she finds time to do anything else. But she does. If you follow her on IG, you know she’s avid about her workouts (mainly SoulCycle and Studio MDR), loves to brunch, goes to Palm Springs on the regular, and very soon will be a new mom (Congrats again Anne!). Read on to learn more about Anne.

Let's start at the beginning - what did you want to be when you grew up? Is that what you studied in school?

When I was 8 years old I declared I wanted to be an author! I even started a nature club with my friends just so I could write the club newsletter. So I guess you could say that writing, reporting, and storytelling has always been my passion! As I grew older, I got really into decor, cooking, and other lifestyle pursuits—all things that I did with my mom for fun. I went to school for English and then did a short stint at interior design school before dropping out to work at a small branding agency. At that job, I loved seeing how informed strategy and thoughtful design could come together to tell brand stories; it definitely was a foundational learning experience for me! Around the same time, I started my blog in order to have a creative outlet that was just my own. That was in 2008, and the rest is, as they say, history!

Shortly after I discovered you, you started Rue Magazine - tell us what that was like to co-found a digital lifestyle magazine. What were some of the hurdles you had to overcome to bring it to life? Had you done anything like that before?

The biggest hurdle was exactly that, actually: I’d never done anything like that before…and frankly no one else had either! It was fun and exhilarating to be a pioneer in the industry but definitely also stressful. A lot of the time we were flying by the seat of our pants, unsure if what we were doing even had legs beyond the next issue! I definitely jumped in feet first without thinking about the business side of things, and after two years chose to step back because the drain on my resources (emotional and otherwise) was unsustainable. I wouldn’t change a thing, though, because the skills and relationships I built during that time have proven priceless over the years. I mean, I met my husband Ivan as a result of Rue!

Your career has evolved a lot over the years - Co-Founding Light Lab, writing a book, offering interior design services, co-founding influencd - was the plan intentional or did things fall into place? How did you each of these come together?

There’s definitely no plan, haha! That largely has to do with the nature of the industry itself; social media as a career didn’t even exist when I started my blog in 2008. It’s impossible to predict where it will go next, so part of the challenge and joy of being a creative entrepreneur is a willingness to live in uncertainty for what’s next. I’ve always just followed what interests me, and what feels most right in my heart, and it’s served me well til this point. I’m currently pregnant, and I have a feeling that motherhood will bring a big shift in my career too—but I can’t predict how. You’ll find out when I do, ha!

Where do you look for inspiration?

Travel is definitely a huge source of inspiration for me, and I don’t even mean huge international trips to exotic locales. Even a morning exploring a favorite neighborhood in LA fills me with ideas—there’s something about getting out of my own element that gets my creative juices flowing.

What advice would you give your younger self?

I’d tell her that there are no mistakes, only learning experiences. I definitely have spent a lot of time feeling guilt and regret for things I did in my wayward youth, but the truth is that I’m really proud of the woman I’ve become today—and I wouldn’t have reached this destination if I hadn’t walked my own unique path. As my favorite Soulcycle instructor says, “We don’t stand in our past like mud, we stand on top of it like a mountain.” I love that image so much!

Rapid Fire Questions:

  • Coffee or tea: Coffee! I’ve tried giving it up so many times and it never sticks. I just adore the stuff so much.

  • Cardio Junkie or Zen Master: Cardio all the way! If I don’t throw up into my mouth at least once during the workout, then why bother?

  • AM Warrior or Burn the Midnight Oil: AM Warrior: I’ve always been an early bird! The predawn hours are the best for getting stuff done, and you get to feel self-righteous and morally superior for being up before everyone else.

  • 3 Favorite IG accounts right now: Oooh this is a tough one! Off the top of my head I’ll say @hennasig_ for gorgeous Scandi styling inspo, @saltandlavender for the indulgent comfort food recipes I’ve been craving since becoming pregnant, and @mouthbreather__ for a guaranteed belly laugh.

  • Leopard (or animal) Print is a neutral: YES! Leopard print is the ULTIMATE neutral. It truly does go with everything!

  • Next place you're traveling to for fun: No purely fun trips in the books right now, but we are looking into whether a baby moon is in the cards for us. And in the meantime, I’m headed to North Carolina for High Point Market in October, that’s for work but it’s always a blast too!

Thanks Anne! To follow along with all Anne does, you can find her on her blog, lightlab, and instagram.