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Sweater-JCrew, Blouse-Equipment, Skirt-Zara, Shoes-Target, Purse-AmericanApparel, Jewelry-Stella and Dot

Two weeks ago I met two of my best girlfriends in Vegas. Unfortunately, the weather was cold, overcast and rainy the whole trip. All I wanted to do was lay by the pool, but since Mother Nature didn’t want to cooperate, I did the next best thing-shopped! This blush colored skirt was one of my purchases. Had I been given a chance to lay in the sun, my legs wouldn’t have matched this skirt so perfectly. I hope I didn’t blind you with my paleness.

On the bright side, one of the best things we did was spend a rainy day at the Canyon Ranch Spa. It was heaven. We all tried a cupping massage. Ever had one? Remember this picture of Gwyneth that caused such a stir? It was from cupping.  Cupping is a type of massage/acupuncture. The one I had was a combination of cupping (cups placed on your back to lift at the muscle and fascia) and massage. My therapist would adhere the cup, I’d feel a bit of a pull on the skin and muscle and then she would massage that area, loosening up everything. Now, there were times it felt like my muscle was going to burn off, but the minute she stopped, it was like all tension, knots, and stress were released and I felt sublime.  If you ever get the chance, I HIGHLY recommend. Never have I left a massage feeling so light and energized in my life. Truly. It was life changing.