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Butter Brickle Frozen Delight

We hosted a BBQ last weekend and this is the dessert I made and posted to instagram (follow me: mplsgirl). Desserts are my thing, if you haven’t noticed. Nothing gives me more pleasure then spending time in the kitchen trying out dessert recipes. This one’s a winner in my book and I’ve made it more than once. When the temps are in the 90’s and you want something cool and gooey, this is the recipe you should make. You can find it here on allrecipes.com. Warning! It is by no means low cal or low fat, but totally worth the splurge!

{Graham cracker crust}

{Homemade brickle crumble}

{creamy filling}

{Layer of brickle goodness}

{Add gooey caramel layer and repeat all over again}

{Finished product…after freezing for a few hours}

*note-all photos taken with my iPhone- not too shabby!