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Casual Friday



Friday’s are casual at work for me. Something I look forward to all week long. It’s what gets me through the week. I like the idea of being able to pull together whatever I want and not worry that it looks business enough (which is obviously not my style…I’m not a suit kind of gal). It never ceases to amaze me how so many people struggle with the concept of casual Friday. People who normally look very polished all week long suddenly look like their kindergartner dressed them. They show up in jeans I would paint in, sweatshirts (!) and gym shoes- not the cute stylish sneakers, we’re talking white reeboks. Or, you get the other end of the spectrum, the people who think what they would wear out on a Saturday night clubbing is perfectly acceptable to wear on Friday to work. Disgraceful and tasteless. You’re still at work people. You need put some polish into what you wear. It’s not that hard. Take this simple sweater and jeans combo. Easy. Casual. Yet still looks very put together. I feel comfortable going to meetings like this and people will still take me seriously. Don’t know about that if I’m in a Disneyland sweatshirt. With tomorrow being Friday, if you’re business casual at work, take a moment to check yourself. Would you feel comfortable running into your CEO or your most important client dressed like you are? If not, go back and dress it up a bit. You’re still going to work!

Shirt-Borrowed from my husband, Sweater-JCrew, Pants-7forallmankind, Clutch-Tori Richard, Hat-Target, Scarf-from India, Necklaces-F21