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Crew Color



I don’t wear a lot of black (as you can tell by my outfit posts). Black is saved for those days when I just can’t pull myself together. It’s easy and chic, but not something I wear day in and day out. Color is more my uniform. I wore this for a photo shoot (I won an award for one of the projects I was on) at work and they said to try to wear color. Don’t have to tell me twice. Unfortunately, the shoot was one day too early. I was in desperate need of a haircut, as witnessed by the frizzy mess on top of my head, which was scheduled for the following day. You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to see the new ‘do.

Shirt, Sweater, Skirt and Blazer-JCrew, Tights-Target, Shoes-MIA, Necklace and Bracelet-from The Beauty Room, Watch-Michele