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Date Night


Were you at Target bright and early to get yourself some Jason Wu yesterday? I was online at midnight ready to pull the trigger, but I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t have the urge to get anything. The only thing I was remotely into was the cat t-shirt. From what I saw on twitter, stores were all kinds of CRAZINESS. There isn’t a piece of clothing I need that bad to battle others for, not to mention everyone will have it as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love the collaboration, just wasn’t feeling the need to participate this time.

On another note, did you catch the Superbowl last night? We were at a friend’s place, but the only thing I watched was the halftime show. Madonna was impressive, but I’m torn on her new single. It’s a bit too high schoolish for me-maybe it’s all that cheering. But you’ve got to give her credit, she still sounds (and looks!) amazing.

Enough about Sunday, let’s get caught up with the week I seemed to have lost. This outfit is from our Date night last week. We decided to treat ourselves to a Sunday night out- just the two of us. Typically when we go out it’s with friends or family. Otherwise, we’re homebodies who like to stay in, make dinner, and enjoy a good bottle of wine. We mixed things up and it was fun. I see more of these in the near future.

Dress (worn as a tunic)-Zara, Vest-JCP, Jeans-JBrand, Shoes-MIA, Necklace-Stella&Dot, Watch-Coach, Bracelets-Target, Clutch-BE&D