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Homemade Snickers Bars



Last week at work, a co-worker brought in all her left over cookies from Christmas. I was really good at resisting them until that “3pm I need a snack” craving hit me. When trying to decide among the 20+(!) varieties of cookies, I decided on these. OMG. They were amazing. I had to drag myself away after I had two, scratch that, three, ok, let’s be honest-five. {Last week was a week of gluttony and I am painfully weening myself from sugar this week.}  I liked them so much, I had to get the recipe from her {you can find it here} and make them for NYE. They were a HUGE hit-much like the Lays ad, you really can’t eat just one. They’re  easy peasy to make, just make sure you leave yourself enough time. You need to let each layer set and cool completely before adding the next.