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Donut Throwdown


Let’s take a break from the cleanse update today to recap one of the weekend’s highlights: DONUT THROWDOWN!!! You read that right, we did a donut throwdown. Don’t know what that is? Here’s the run down:

1. Pick two donut places you want to put head to head

2. Select three quintessential donut basics: glazed raised, traditional cake, and fritter

3. Let the tasting begin!

This is where the fun starts. Both Mel-O-Glaze and Glam Doll are favorites of mine. Mel-O-Glaze is more traditional, while Glam Doll is a whole brand in and of itself (from the decor, donut names and staff). When trying donuts side by side like this, you really taste the differences. For example, the glazed raised from Mel-O-Glaze was so light and airy it melted in your mouth. On the other hand, the Glam Doll glazed raised was much more dense and decadent.  Since we were going off strict requirements from my girl Pauline, a true glazed raised should be light and fluffy. Thus Mel-O-Glaze won round one.

Round two was the traditional cake donut. We’re pretty sure the cake donut from Mel-O-Glaze was old. There is no way they would make a donut that dry. On to the Glam Doll. It was chocolate. As in the cake part,not the topping. Hellloooo goodness. Then it was topped with a dark chocolate and ….wait for it…bacon!! WOWZA. That donut was decadent.  Even if it didn’t have all those bells and whistles, it would have still won because it had a nice density but was still moist- much like a cake. Round two goes to Glam Doll. 

We’ve got a tie and it’s up to the Fritter to declare the winner. First up was the Blueberry Fritter from Mel-O-Glaze. Mmmm. That was a true fritter. Nice and dense, not overly sugary and blueberries in every bite.Next was the Apple Bourbon Fritter from Glam Doll. That was pretty dang good too. So we had to get into the specifics again. A fritter should be denser than a raised, but not as heavy as a cake. Mel-O-Glaze won again as Glam Doll’s fritter was a bit too light. 

So there you have it. Mel-O-Glaze wins the donut throw down. But honestly, they were both so good that I think we were the winners in this challenge. 

For a full recap of the throw down and the rest of our weekend adventure eating our way through Minneapolis, check out Olive’s Pantry 

In case you really wanted to know how I’m doing day 3…I’m feeling really good and made the best cinnamon roll smoothie! It’s over on instagram if you want to see it!

xx Erin