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Monday Muse: Chris Freytag

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Jumping into Monday with this week’s Muse: Chris Freytag! If you want to get a daily dose of inspiration and motivation, Chris is it. While most of us are hitting snooze, Chris is leading a packed 5:30am fitness class and getting the day started. She’s a nationally recognized health and fitness coach who’s goal in life is to provide you with all the information you need to be healthy and happy. She’s the founder of GetHealthyU and GetHealthyUTV, teaches live classes here in the Twin Cities, creates and shares content on Kare 11 NBC and multiple other digital platforms, has written 4 books, does motivational speaking engagements, is on air for Evine Home Shopping, and has raised 3 kids. Whew! I don’t know how she does it. Let’s learn more about Chris:

Let's start at the beginning... what did you want to be when you grew up (aka what did you go to school for)? Was it fitness/health related? 

I graduated with a Journalism degree in 1987. Talking, writing and communicating have always been strengths for me. 

However, I always loved fitness…there just was not a clear career path in 1983 went I went off to college.  It was always my “sidehustle” - teaching  ‘dance aerobics’ after work.  Then, when women started lifting weights in early 1990’s, I got my Personal Training and Health Coach Certifications and quit my job to do that full time. After a few years, I got involved with making fitness workout VHS tapes and working in TV and with magazines… much longer story but that’s the quick version☺!! 

I started blogging when that became a thing and it turned into my website www.GetHealthyU.com   

4 years ago I took the leap from fitness DVD’s to streaming my workouts and created a second website www.GetHealthyUTV.com where myself and several other trainers create new streaming workouts every week!  

This is TMI I know but just a little about me - My husband and I live in Wayzata – we have 3 kids – all grown 27, 25 and 22. We are dog people - We have 2 golden retrievers in the house: our dog Roxy and our son’s puppy Rusty. 

 I LOVE helping women feel empowered and help them take the steps to better health because they deserve it!!  #yesyoucan 

What does a typical day look like for you?

I like to work out early – I usually teach a group fitness class between 5:30am – 8am.  Quick shower, breakfast and then a typical day could be filled with any and all of these things: phone calls with brands; shooting fitness videos; collaborating with my team at our co-working office; planning out social media; and working on my computer. I try to walk the dog at some point too!   Evenings after dinner are often time to catch up on emails while watching a favorite TV show or sports.  

I love the positivity you spread! Tell us a bit about how you keep that mindset and the impact it's had on your wellbeing.

I have been a positive person my whole life according to my mom ☺.  But with age comes wisdom and I’ve learned along the way that positive thinking is a mindset not an emotion.  You can have lots of emotions like happy, sad, frustrated, stressed… but still choose positive thinking.  I’ve made it my mission to help people understand that they can choose positivity no matter their emotions. And positive thinking can help create a better outcome! I’m naturally smiley and outgoing and I love to give a happy greeting and offer up words of encouragement to people… and that actually goes well with my passion of spreading the message of good health!  

How do you keep yourself motivated? (Especially with winters like ours!) 

I am thankful for a community of amazing people who have been attending my classes for the last 21 years at Life Time Fitness.  I get my butt out of bed in the cold of winter for them <3!  I am thankful for my online community of Get Healthy U TV members – they post everyday about working out with me and our team of trainers and that seriously motivates me to keep on going! 

Is there anything you would tell your younger self if you could?  

I would say keep dreaming … you may not figure out your career or your passion till you are 40 or 50… I talk to so many younger women thinking they have to figure it all out but I didn’t even really get my career started on a national level till I was almost 40. 

Rapid Fire:

  • Coffee or Green Juice to get you going? Coffee first!  Hello Americano ;-) 

  • Cardio or strength training (both are great, but which do you prefer) OOOH – I can’t pick … I’m obsessed with both. Cardio for mental health, Strength for graceful aging! 

  • AM or PM workouts – AM !!! #earlyriser 

  • Strict with diet or moderation is the key?  Moderation!!  80/20 rule.  A healthy eater who enjoys ice cream, guacamole, and wine!  

  • Name 3 IG accounts you LOVE and we should all follow.  

  • I follow my past co-worker, fellow trainer and friend @coachbriannunz for motivation and inspiration.  The guy is even more positive than me – LOL!!   

  • I love to follow @livingwithlandyn for lifestyle and fashion. 

  • @positivelypresent – you can imagine why I like this one☺!!! 

Thanks for all the inspiration and being our Monday Muse Chris! We love all that you do and the energy you bring!