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Muse Monday - Dad

me (age 4) and my dad

Today’s post is dedicated to my Dad. He’s a fan of the simpler and finer things in life. Case in point- if he’s going to take a vacation, it’s going to be first class all the way. What’s the point of going if you’re not going to be pampered? Right now, he’s plotting a cruise to the Panama Canal (to my mother’s dismay).  Growing up he taught me how to swim, swing a golf club, throw a softball and master my advanced math classes (I guess his masters in Math helped). In High School I would call him (he lived in Newport, RI and commuted home on the weekends) for help with all my math homework and he would always be able to coach me thru to the right solution. You could say I was a Daddy’s girl. My mom never stood a chance against the two of us when we set our mind’s to something…except the swimming pool we still covet to this day. We tried for years to convince her it was the perfect thing to put in our backyard. No luck. Happy Father’s Day dad!!  You are the greatest!! XOXO