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Sweater-F21, Tank-Target, Jeans-7For all mankind, Shoes-Vince Camuto, Jewelry-Stella and Dot, Watch-Coach

In case you didn’t notice, I got my haircut… and it’s straight. Since it takes an act of god to make my hair straight, I don’t wear it this way very often. Today is different story because I didn’t style my hair, Amanda did. Unless Ms. Amanda is going to do my hair everyday, it’s back to the curling iron tomorrow. I made peace with the my hair years ago and have learned how to not look like I just stuck my finger in an electrical outlet. But, a small part of me is hoping I can recreate this look. I did splurge on a new flat iron. It was a necessity considering the one I own is from 10 years ago and is large enough to iron one side of my head at a time! So, be on the look out- maybe I’ll be mixing it up. Doubtful though, because I’m lazy and that will require even more time than the curling iron.