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Taj Halloween 2018: TV Characters

This will the be the 5th Annual Taj Halloween Party and the theme this year is TV Characters. As I’ve stated before, I LOVE Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday and I’m super excited for this year’s theme. I started planning in August. Seriously. Save the dates went out and then I got to work on the invitations. With this year’s theme being TV Characters, I wanted to do something tv related (obviously!). After a few brainstorming sessions, I landed on designing a mock up of a TV Guide cover. I wanted to highlight the array of characters one could chose from. And while I couldn’t fit everything I wanted onto the cover, I did enjoy drawing all the images.

As usual, once I started creating, the ideas kept coming. I didn’t want to clutter the cover with all the details of the party, so I created a table of contents. This allowed me to convey the theme in more detail and provide specifics on time, etc.

While trying to figure out how to put it all together in a fun way, I had the idea to use actual TV Guides. I took to Instagram to crowd source after a few unsuccessful searches on Ebay. IG didn’t pan out either, but after a few rabbit hole trips on the internet, I found a site that then linked me back to a bunch of ebay sellers who weren’t selling collector issues. Side note: why couldn’t I find them as easily just searching on ebay the first time???? Anywho, I ended up getting the 22 copies I needed. All various years dating back the 80’s. They’re pretty great! I attached my cover over the cover of the old TV Guide, and then attached the contents page inside over the original contents. I will share photos of the actual invitation and details of the party later this month. Stay tuned.

TV Guideactualsize blog version.jpg
TV Guide Contents blog version.jpg
Halloween - Sex & the City Style

Continuing with costume ideas, grab your girlfriends and go as the ladies from Sex & the City. Channel your fashionista and dress over the top like Carrie. Or find that perfect power suit to go as Miranda. Feeling more preppy and conservative? Channel your inner Charlotte. Really want to spice things up? Samantha’s your gal. I think it’s safe to say we all relate to each of the characters at some point in our lives and feel a certain kinship with them. That’s what made the show a can’t miss each Sunday night (and gave us something to look forward to). We could see ourselves in the same situations. We’ve all been there, done that before.

One of my favorite episodes is when they go to the Yankees game. They’re clearly not dressed for for, but that's what makes it so great. A few of my favorite bloggers recreated some looks from SATC a few weeks back that are also some great inspiration. You can see Krystal, Helena, Karen, and Sai rock some fabulous Carolina Herrera dresses on the streets of NYC. They also recreated the baseball scene here.

Playing Dress Up - Costume Style

October is here and with that comes cool, crisp nights, leaves in stunning reds, oranges, and yellows that only nature can produce, candy corn and harvest mix in abundance, and halloween party planning in full swing. This will by my 5th Annual Halloween Party (#TajHalloween on Instagram to see more). I love a good theme party. Add costumes and fun food and I’m in. Past themes have included Masks, Death, and Fairy Tales. This years theme is TV Characters. It’s a wide category and open to interpretation. Do movies count? if they’ve been shown on TV, yes! What about News and Talk shows? Yes ( grab your gang and come as the Today Show cast). I like to keep it broad to see how creative my friends can get. And let me tell, there have been some STELLAR costumes.

I’m going to post a costume idea each day - no particular theme, just fun ideas that you can create at home. Join me as we play dress up this month! Let’s start with Holly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s . This isn’t the typical little black dress or sleep shirt and sleep mask costume. This one is from the scene in the five and dime store where Holly and Paul steal masks.