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Vitamin D

Cami, Sunnies, and Shoes-Target, Dress-Anthropologie, Belt- Linea Pelle, Jewelry-Stella and Dot

It’s May and apparently summer has hit MN. That’s a rarity. I’m worried what this means for July and August if it’s already 83 degrees today. But I wasn’t about to let that thought stop me from savoring this day. When it’s brutally cold for so much of the year, you learn to appreciate these types of days. I dressed in one of my favorite summer dresses and made sure I soaked up lots of vitamin d at lunch. I’m not going to lie, the crossfit workout in this heat was a bit brutal. Which leads me back to my first thought- what does this mean for July and August? Guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. How was your day? 

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