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Designer Crush: Monse

If I had to chose a favorite designer at the moment, I think it would be Monse. I don’t think there is a piece from their Fall ‘18 collection (seen here) that I am not lusting after. Love. Love. Love.

Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia incorporate unexpected elements that make all their collection stand out and in a great way. This off the shoulder blazer is a classic, but they’ve turned it into a showstopper that can be dressed up or down. It’s stunning. I’m also drooling over this Book Pattern tunic. We all know how much I love a tunic shirt over jeans. Gah! And don’t get me started on their pants. Heaven!

Atlantic-Pacific x Nordstrom

I haven’t been this excited about a fashion collaboration in a LONG time. When Blair of Atlantic-Pacific announced this week that she had developed a collection with Nordstrom, I couldn’t wait to see what it. I’ve been a follower/fan of Blair since she started blogging way back in 2010 (when she lived in San Francisco). I’ve watched her effortlessly mix styles to create what is uniquely her her own. And while her style has evolved through the years, the one thing that’s been a constant is her love of color and patterns. Blair doesn’t shy away from color and definitely isn’t afraid to mix prints. Which is what I love so much about her collection. It is a true reflection of her style, but she’s made it approachable for everyone. It launches on October 22, and is a one and done release. You can catch sneak peeks of the collection over on Blair’s blog all week. I know I’ll be setting my alarm for 10/22 hoping to snag a piece or two (especially the shoes and this look right here)

The Devil Wears Prada: 3 of my favorite looks

I had forgotten how much I loved the movie The Devil Wears Prada until we watched it again last weekend. We had plans to sit outside on the patio all afternoon with friends, but stormy weather pushed us inside and we decided a movie day would be perfect. 

Meryl Streep's performance was stellar, but oh how I LOVE Emily Blunt. I forgot just how great she was in this movie. The facial expressions, eye rolls, and sharp one liners. Brilliant. And then there's the clothes. They could be the supporting cast. That vogue closet. I have dreams of that closet. I can only imagine what treasures it must contain. I love seeing Ande's transformation from frumpy to fabulous. The first time she walks into the office in Chanel and Emily's jaw drops in shock. So.well.done. And the montage they show with her coming into the building in different outfits as each clip. I want them all.  Deciding on my three favorites was difficult.  I could really have chosen more. The outfits I chose to draw here were the ones I gravitated to. Mostly because they are all outfits I would wear as well and really are timeless with a few edits.