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Clog Girl + No. 6 Clogs

I love me a good clog.  Always have. True story - in college I had navy and black suede clogs and wore them All. The. Time.  I was running late for class one day and left the apartment with one of each on!  I didn't realize until an hour later, the horror.  I frantically found a phone (we didn't have cell phones back then) and called my girlfriend, pleading her to bring me the other one to match. Thankfully she did and all was made right in the world.  We still laugh about the incident - mostly because while we were on the phone we were arguing over which one I needed because she couldn't find both of them,  when it really didn't matter - i just needed one to complete the pair. 

Then, when I was backpacking through Europe after college, I bought myself a pair of Swedish white leather clogs to wear and they were the BEST. Come to think of it, I don't know if they ever made it back stateside.  Hmmm. I'm pretty sure I had clogs as far back as grade school, but I'll have to confirm that one with my mom. HA!

Which brings me to these babies below.  I'm obsessed with these No. 6 Clogs. I already own one pair from them, and am currently debating pulling the trigger on these. What do you think? Do I need them in my closet?


Favorite Faux Fur

I love a good faux fur coat.  I currently have a pale pink one that I would wear all year round if the weather allowed. And years ago, I scored a reversible leopard one from Target for $10! One side was solid black nylon with the faux fur on the cuffs and collar, and the other side was full leopard print faux fur. I loved it and wore it so much it was literally falling apart at the end.  I've been on the hunt for a leopard one to replace it ever since. 

Imagine my excitement when I discovered Mille was carrying Stand coats this fall.  Not familiar with the brand? Stand is a Swedish line started in 2014 by Nellie Kamras, with the goal to create expertly crafted leather pieces at affordable prices. The line has grown to include suede, wool, cashmere, fur, and faux fur pieces. Perusing their site has me wanting all the coats.  I mean, how many coats is too many when you live in MN?!? Guess I'll have to pop over to Mille and hope I can restrain myself to only one.

The end of summer

Soaking up all those last bits of summer today.  I know, I know.  It can still get hot in September. And Fall doesn't *technically* start until September 22.  I don't care! I've got my mind on fall dressing and I'm not looking back.  So I'm getting out that cute summer outfit for one last hurrah. Because after today, it's time to break out the boots, let those pedicures lapse, and put some layers on (in case I need to peel them off because it gets too hot!)

Fall Goal: 30 Day Creative Challenge

Raise your hand if fall puts you in reset mode. Fall has always been when I get the most energized and set new goals for myself.  Forget the new year.  September is where it's at.  I don't know if it has to do with the nostalgia of going back to school (and school shopping), the onset of the best season (duh, Fall!), or simply being the best time for me to be productive. Whatever it is, it works for me.

With that said, the first goal I'm setting is to dedicate more time to my art. Wow.  That was much more difficult for me to write down than I thought it would be. Do you want to know why? I have a hard time telling people I am an artist. Am I? Really? Or am I just faking it? Herein lies the perils of comparing yourself to others. Can I call myself an artist if I'm not yet making a living off of it? OR that I know how much more I have to learn? Is what I'm doing really any good? Self doubt is the enemy, and it's set up camp in my thoughts. When I share my work, I can immediately see all the flaws or ways I could have made my art better. "I should have spent more time perfecting it" is what races through my thoughts. And let me tell you, this kind of thinking can lead to creative paralysis.  You start to second guess everything you do. You're afraid to put anything out there for others to see. Which is what led me to this goal.  To help me focus on my art more,  I'm challenging myself to post one illustration a day.  It doesn't need to be perfect (it never will be anyway, so I need to let that thought go!), it just needs to get me to work on my craft. Continue to practice and hone what I am doing.  Find a style that's unique to me and feels right. And know that it's ok. In fact, it's better than ok.  Because I am doing something I never thought I could do.  And I'm sharing it with all of you.  That in itself is downright terrifying.  So follow along for the next 30 days and let's see where this challenge takes me.