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Black and White Maxi

Dress-Target, Belt-Anthropologie, Shoes-Target, Jewelry-Stella and Dot, Watch-Michele

Do you ever look in the mirror one morning and realize that you are WAY over due to get your hair colored? That just happened to me. And now looking at these outfit pictures, that’s all I can focus on. Yikes.  Note to self, make hair appointment asap! Anywho…this dress was a recent purchase at Target (on sale no less). I wore it to work with a black blazer over it, but to be honest, it was too dang hot for these pictures to keep it on. Off it came, and I was no longer melting like the Wicked Witch of the West on water. This dress will be in constant rotation as the heat kicks in. I plan to beat any hot day mother nature can throw at me and look good doing it.

Channeling Audrey

Sweater-F21, Tank and Jeans-Target, Shoes-Nine West, Jewelry-Stella and Dot

Audrey Hepburn is one of my all time favorite actors. I’ve seen all her movies a gazillion times. To me, she epitomizes elegance and style. I don’t know that there is a look on her I don’t love, but one that I always try to recreate is her beatnik, bohemian look in Funny Face. Pair a plain, black sweater with cropped pants and flats and you’ve got one simple, chic look. Today’s look is a modern take on that classic. Throw on a pair of leopard jeans with the plain black sweater and flats and voila! Instant audrey classic. Who’s your fashion icon? Is there someone you like to channel when getting dressed?

For the love of navy

Dress-Gap, Sweater-JCrew, Shoes-Born, Belt-Target, Jewelry-Stella and Dot, Bag-Coach

Navy has replaced black as my go to color. As I was searching through my closet for something to wear today, I realized I have very little black anymore. It’s all been replaced by navy. Navy stripes, navy polka dots, navy plaid… you name it, I’ve most likely got it in navy. Not that I’m complaining. Navy looks better. It’s not as harsh and goes with everything, just like black.

Vitamin D

Cami, Sunnies, and Shoes-Target, Dress-Anthropologie, Belt- Linea Pelle, Jewelry-Stella and Dot

It’s May and apparently summer has hit MN. That’s a rarity. I’m worried what this means for July and August if it’s already 83 degrees today. But I wasn’t about to let that thought stop me from savoring this day. When it’s brutally cold for so much of the year, you learn to appreciate these types of days. I dressed in one of my favorite summer dresses and made sure I soaked up lots of vitamin d at lunch. I’m not going to lie, the crossfit workout in this heat was a bit brutal. Which leads me back to my first thought- what does this mean for July and August? Guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. How was your day? 

P.S. Don’t forget to check out summer of dresses and post a picture of yourself wearing a dress

Pajama Pants

Tank,Sweater and Sunnies-Target, Pants-Rachel Roy, Shoes-Gilt, Jewelry-

Stella and Dot

Back in high school, one of my favorite things to wear were men’s silk pajama bottoms. I used to get them at the local second hand store and then I would pin and roll them up (dating myself, as this was back in the late 80’s!). I would look for outlandish prints and hopefully luck out and get the ones that were flannel lined. I’d pair them with an oversized cardigan and I was good to go. Funny, it’s similar to this updated look here. You never grow out of your personal style, just refine it and modernize it. 

Summer of Dresses

Dress-Ralph Lauren, Sweater-Banana Republic, Shoes-Target, Necklaces-Stella and Dot

What’s summer of dresses you say? It’s a place to share the dresses you wear this summer. It started in Mineapolis in the summer 2010 by Nicole, Liz and Meghan (check out their site here) as a way to wear more dresses that summer. It soon caught on and girls were posting themselves wearing dresses from all over the country. It’s kicked off again for 2012 and the goal is to get girls to post from all over the world. So put on that dress, snap a picture and share it with the rest of us. Make 2012 a banner year for summer of dresses.

Dotted Denim

Tank-Target, Shirt-Gap, Sweater-JCrew, Jeans-AG, Shoes-Gilt, Jewelry-Stella and Dot

Just another day wearing pants that make me want to polka dance (ha!). Tough crowd. But seriously, these jeans have become my favorite. I’ve worn them everywhere in the last three weeks. Move over floral denim, I’m officially obsessed with these polka dot jeans.  


Tank-Target, Shirt-JCrew, Pant-F21, Shoes-Target, Necklace-

Stella and Dot

I’ve had these floral wide legged pants since last summer, but this is the first time I’ve actually worn them. They are by far the most comfy pants I own, just like wearing pajama bottoms. I justified wearing them to work last week because we had a Hawaiian dress day. This was the best I could come up with and gave me a great excuse to wear these babies to work. I see many more summer days in these- so light and airy. Perfect with a tank when the weather turns hot.


Shirt-JCP, Sweater-Vince, Jeans-JCrew, Shoes-Seychelles, Jewelry-Stella and Dot, Target

It was a hot one today. You can’t tell in this picture, but I’m sweating buckets in this outfit. As soon as I snapped these photos, I was out of these clothes and into something much cooler. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I like the warm weather, just wish it would make up it’s mind and stay. I’m not a fan of hot one day, cold the next. I don’t dare put away any of my winter clothes. You never know when you may need them in say in July!